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The easiest way to get yourself or your child into roller derby is to come along to one of our come and try sessions. We run them at various times throughout the year and it is a great way to see how it all works before you make a decision or spend a whole lot of money up front.

Girls and Boys are welcome to join our club between the ages of 7yrs up to and including 17yrs old. Our juniors age out into the adult league once the turn 18 yrs old.

You do not need to know how to skate. In fact sometimes its better if you don’t know how to skate because you wont have any bad habits that you may have learned elsewhere. We will teach you everything you need to know about skating on Quad Skates.

Protective gear is a must and we will not let any of our juniors skate without it. We love them to much. Roller Derby is a high injury sport and protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets and mouth guards are all requirements.

Come down to the Caloundra YMCA situated at 125 Arthur Street, Caloundra on any Sunday at 10am. To be sure we will be training that day head over to our facebook page and send us a message to let us know that you wish to come along.

Just get your child to bring a willingness to learn, a mouth guard and fill out some waiver forms.

Roller Derby is no more dangerous then tennis or rugby or any other sport. Sure you play the game on wheels but you wear protective gear to prevent injuries. Thats not saying that you can’t injure yourself because the sport does have its fair share of broken bones and sprains just like every other sport.

Generally speaking no. Roller Derby isn’t that movie where huge hits are made to peoples faces causing their nose to bleed. Its a game of skill and manoeuvrability to get around the track and passing your opposition as many times as you can during the jamb.