Scrim Day with Toowoomba City Rollers

Our first scrim day for 2021 and after COVID had put a stop to a lot of our training last year we have finally managed to get back to a little bit of Roller Derby normality. Great scrims for levels 1, 2 and 3 on Saturday – all the juniors did so well, congratulations to you all.


Firstly thanks to Richard Tompsett for these fantastic photos.

Level 1’s

Future seems pretty bright with some of these up and coming juniors in Level 1 making their way around the track.

Level 2’s

Our Level 2’s are doing great and practice really looks like its paying off for some of these starts on skates.

Level 3’s

And not to forget our Level 3 skaters that always seem to be coming into a league of their own and look like they will be fully ready to take on the Adults once they age out.

Thank you to our hosts Toowoomba City Rollers 👏 Here’s looking forward to the next scrim 😀👍

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